Concord Waterfall- Three Waterfalls


    If you like to hike, then this is a treat. The Concord waterfalls is not one, but three waterfalls. It is situated on the edge of the forest reserve on the western side of the island, and therefore the water is crystal clear and ice cold.


Of the three waterfalls in this area, the first one is the most readily access able, with a paved road leading almost directly up to it. There is nothing like a taking a bracing dip in a cool mountain stream, so we do suggest that you walk with the necessary clothing.


The second of the three falls is bigger and taller, and is reached only after a 45 minute hike. The trail goes through a nutmeg plantation and is readily marked, but a guide is still necessary. However, if you would like a guided tour with someone who can show you the different types of cultivated plants and their uses, then a guide is a must.


The third fall is a little off the beaten track, but the trail is easily recognisable. If you are planning on visiting all three of the falls, then we suggest that you plan on spending a morning and pack a light lunch and some refreshments.


* Advisory. Swim with caution there are dangerous undercurrents in the pool. Children and amateur swimmers should not be  allowed to swim.

   5-5.5 hours


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