Mona Monkey Adventure


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On this tour you will explore the lush interior of Grenada's tropical forests and discover the fascinating world of the Mona Monkey.


The Mona Monkey (Cercopithecus mona) is an Old World monkey that lives throughout western Africa. The Mona Monkey can also be found on the island of Grenada as it was transported to the island aboard slave ships headed to the New World during the 18th century. They live in groups of up to 35 in arboreal regions. It mainly feeds on fruit but sometimes eats insects and leaves.


The Mona Monkey has brown agouti fur with a white rump. Its tail and legs are black and the face is blue-grey with a dark stripe across the face. The Mona Monkey carries food in cheek pouches.


On this excursion you will:


    Depart from the pier /hotel. Ride inland towards the forest reserve.


    Experience the natural beauty of the island, especially as you drive through Grenada's spectacular scenery.


    Encounter, within the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, the world famous Mona Monkey.

    Enjoy a walk along the shady paths of the reserve and discover the habits of these exceptional creatures.


Stop for lunch and refreshments provided.


Restrooms are available at the Grand Etang visitors centre


Photo opportunity Duration 2.5 hrs


Fairly active excursion requiring intermittent effort throughout.


The tour may involve reoccurring physical movement, including walking medium distances over uneven surfaces and climbing stairs.



"exciting tour, we stopped at many attractions and had some good food at one of the island's best restaurants serving local food and ice cold beers!. Very stimulating ..... I would do it again." Hugh Williams, Liverpool, England


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