Grenada Nightlife




Grenada's waterfront bars and beach bars beckon with great sunset views

Even for the savviest travelers, there's a tendency to overlook those spots that are right under your nose. And the irony, of course, is that these can be the very best places.

Grenada unlike many other islands, nightlife here isn't confined to touristy carbaret shows. Here, you can slowly savor a cocktail drink while the sun dips into the sea, dance to the beat of a local soca band, or simply stroll along a deserted starlit beach.




Rum Bars for street cred


Want a great place to mingle, soak in the atmosphere and enjoy a tipple of the good stuff? Try a local rum bar. Rum bars give you street cred.  There’s no shortage of well-made and well-priced cocktails, but rums are what you are here for. Clarks Court and River Antoine Rum are classics. Before you get onto the neats, make sure you try Guinness Punch, though: over-proof rum, condensed milk, Guinness, spices- nutmeg of course and bitters, mixed and served over ice.


Bar snacks such as sticky, slow-cooked barbecue ribs are surprisingly good. Plaintain and breadfruit chips. Chicken roti is popular too.



Bars opening times: from around 7pm to midnight.


Be prepared to hire a taxi or car rental. Public transportation is limited at night and there is none on the weekend. Restaurants & Bars close usually 10-11pm pm while nightclubs close 3am.



For more information order Travellers Guide Grenada