Seven Sisters Waterfall

Take a trip Seven Sisters Waterfall. (It is called Seven Sisters because there are a succession of seven falls. Also called St. Margaret Falls.) Located in heart of Grand Etang Rainforest.


On this excursion you will:


    First Travelgrenada's representative will welcome you on arrival from the cruise ship or hotel.


    From St. George's your journey takes you up through steep winding roads up to the rainforest peak. 1900 ft above sea level. You then make your descent to Grand Etang.


    From Grand Etang you continue to make your descent further to Seven Sisters.


    Your hike starts at Seven Sisters. This is not a very difficult hike but it will take 25 minutes before you get to the waterfalls. The hike and it will take you through a private plantation where you will get the chance to see cocoa, nutmeg and banana trees and how they are grown. Flora and fauna grow abundantly.


    You will also pass through the rain forest to get there. If it has rained recently, the trail can get a little muddy, so it is advisable to wear something you are not particularly fond of. Of course, when the trail is muddy, it is also a lot more fun. Don't worry though, because when you finally get to the falls, you will be able to wash some of the trail off of your shoes.


    Once there, you can swim or relax by the water. The pools at the foot of the falls are quite big, and the swimming is very refreshing as the water is cool.


    After your cooling swim you will change and then make your way to

    the historical parish of St. Patrick's to stop for Lunch.


    Then back to cruise ship or hotel.


Restrooms are available at the Grand Etang Visitors Centre.


Photo opportunity Duration 4-5 hrs


Fairly active excursion requiring intermittent effort throughout. The excursion may involve reoccurring physical movement, including walking medium distances over uneven surfaces and climbing stairs.


Clothing required: Swimming costumes, towels. trainers.


Please request if you would like French, German or Spanish translators


Know before you go: We recommend you order Travellers Guide Grenada